INCON Partner Meeting, 2023

INCON-LOGISTIC hosted its inaugural Partner Meeting in 2023. The event was dedicated to addressing the challenges of the profession, fostering relationships, and providing entertainment through music performances and playful activities.

Over 50 guests were welcomed by INCON-LOGISTIC at the Azur Hotel in Siófok. Discussions revolved around the anticipated challenges and changes within the shipping sector, alongside roundtable discussions and relationship-building activities.

A highlight of the event was the performance by Vladimir Cetkar, a Macedonian guitarist and singer based in New York. Along with his band, they delivered a captivating blend of jazz, soul, and funk music, which was warmly received by all attendees.

The energetic concert was followed by a showcase featuring the best national Rubik’s Cube competitors. Guests were also invited to engage in interactive experiences such as solving special Rubik’s Cubes, logic games, and racing self-driving cars.