Social commitment

At INCON-LOGISTIC, our team is dedicated to:

Assisting young people interested in our profession through guidance and interactive presentations. We place great emphasis on promoting the efficiency-enhancing message of our INCON INTEGRITY program, in line with our company's core values. In addition to imparting professional knowledge, we also highlight the possibilities of regreening.

Contributing to the quality of life in our local community, with a particular focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and cultural activities. Our ECO-Bike project, aimed at encouraging cycling, not only promotes physical well-being but also raises awareness about environmental conservation. Participants in our project are involved in our tree-planting campaign based on the kilometres they ride.

Supporting charitable causes through our personal lives and finances, in alignment with our corporate values. We make monthly donations to UNICEF and support various foundations annually. Additionally, we participate in the "Adopt a Kindergarten" program by providing discounted deliveries.

Advocating for responsible and rationalized thinking in various forums. We emphasize the importance of considering both visible and invisible social costs and impacts of shipping. We believe that cooperation is fundamental to success. Therefore, we actively engage in sustainability efforts and encourage our partners and subcontractors to do the same

Making concerted efforts to leave a healthier planet for future generations. Through our international Lean and Green membership, we educate our community, customers, and suppliers. We utilize our own CO2 calculator to continually monitor our environmental impact and aim to reduce emissions by 20% by 2028.