Luxury goods logistics services

Our newest service, Luxury Logistics, caters to the unique requirements of the luxury goods market, which demands the highest standards in shipping due to its sensitivity to customer expectations.

Luxury logistics is designed to ensure the safety, protection, traceability, speed, and flexibility of products during transit. It encompasses various sectors including fashion, jewelry, watches, art, wine, champagne, automobiles, and aircraft, each presenting its own set of characteristics and challenges.

For example, seasonality and timing are crucial considerations for the fashion industry, while safety and security take precedence in the transportation of jewelry and watches. Art pieces require specialized packaging and environmental conditions to safeguard their integrity.

Luxury logistics entails not only the transportation of goods but also related services such as customs clearance, inspections, warehousing, packaging, documentation, follow-up, and customer service. Providers of luxury logistics must demonstrate a high level of expertise, reliability, and flexibility to meet the demands of discerning clientele.

Our luxury logistics services cater to the shipping of high-value, sensitive goods, including high-value food products (e.g., truffles), vintage cars, yachts, laboratory items, paintings, antiques, and furniture. Upon assessment of requirements, we propose suitable packaging and transportation methods, with the option for customized packaging upon request.

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