Food delivery

The national and international transport of food relies on a variety of shipping terms and packaging recommendations.

Important legislation:

Shipping vehicles have to be equipped with refrigeration for perishable goods.
Food products have to be accompanied by documents for the whole shipping period that certify that receipt is in accordance with applicable legislation.
The product name (dairy products, bread, meat, etc.) has to be indicated on the external surfaces of the vehicles.

We offer full container load and less-than-container load shipping services by road, air, and sea for our market-leading customers. Chilled, deep-frozen products, as well as those not requiring tempering, are among the items we transport via road, sea and air. Our food shipping guidelines, GDP certificate, and regulations ensure high service standards.

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Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is a quality assurance system comprising policies, procedures, and processes that ensure food quality. The primary goal of GDP is to prevent product quality compromise during transportation. GDP ensures consistent storage, transport, and handling of products under appropriate conditions as required in the marketing authorization or product description.