Warehousing is the process of storing and handling goods, serving as a vital link among procurement, production, delivery, and sales. Its purpose is to ensure the safety, quality, traceability, availability, and optimal stock levels of goods, making it a crucial element in logistics with significant impacts on a company’s costs, revenues, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Warehousing necessitates compliance with specific rules and licenses, including fire protection, occupational safety, environmental protection, and other legal regulations. Storage of hazardous goods requires special licenses and liability insurance coverage for warehouses.

Our warehousing services encompass storage and handling of inbound and outbound goods, assembly of consignments tailored to individual needs, order picking, inventory management, packaging, and relabeling.

We offer warehousing of palletized goods in partner warehouses located in Budapest, Nagykanizsa, and Miskolc. Upon request, we can accommodate products in single-unit packages. Our services include both shelf-system and mass warehousing options to meet our customers’ needs effectively.