Precision forwarding

INCON-LOGISTIC is an expert in precision forwarding. Precision forwarding involves the careful handling of commercial goods that require cautious planning and attention at every point in the supply chain.
Major elements of precision forwarding are as follows: JIT (Just-in-time) shipping; shipping of goods that require special handling (medicine, food); handling of high-value goods (automotive parts); delivery to the destination; handling of neutralized shipments.

Advantages of precision forwarding

Decreased logistic costs.

Precision forwarding means increased predictability and better planning, resulting in fewer forwarding problems and lower costs.


Responsible quoting is a core matter. No hidden costs, no hidden price increases after signing the contract. Our processes are transparent, our operation is predictable and prudent. We are an open book.

Shortened shipping times.

The fundamentals of precision forwarding include planning that requires attention to detail and expertise, thus leading to reduced shipping times to the minimum

Shrinking logistic risks.

Detailed planning, professional background, and expertise help us cover all details and face fewer unexpected events. Fewer unexpected events mean less risk and ultimately lower costs.

Improved efficiency.

An array of solutions for increasing efficiency and reducing costs is in the forefront of our activity, which means highly qualified, dedicated specialist customer service representatives, reduced administration, and state-of-the-art innovations.